Our Story

Purrfect Coffee Company is a family Owned Business that is passionate about making the difference with every cup of coffee. As a family we believe that every animal deserves to live a happy and healthy life. So, before starting this amazing adventure we set out to find the highest quality coffee the world has to offer, by taking the time and roasting every order fresh, we believe we can offer you the best coffee you have ever tasted and at the same time help save a animals life.

Purrfect Coffee was founded with the purpose to share our passion for coffee and our desire to help all animals in need. We donate 7.5% -10% of all profits after expenses to a local rescue and homeless pet sanctuary. That's how we make the world better one cup of coffee at a time.

We source only the highest quality, specialty grade coffee beans available, we roast at high altitude to ensure the best flavor possible. We also work to ensure that that our business practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable for future generations. In order to accomplish these goals we have worked with our suppliers to establish a direct trade relationship. We believe that direct trade allows us to provide the highest quality coffee beans and provide the growers with a fair trade. Our efforts to sustain growing premium coffee require us to help the coffee growing communities as well. The Purrfect family is passionate about not just enriching the lives of the growers but the future generations to follow their passion for great coffee. We are proud to donate 10% of our Costa Rica Origin coffee to local schools in Costa Rica.

The Purrfect Family is proud to help veterans in need. Having Purrfect Family members being Veterans we have seen how important it is to help them when they return from deployment. To help support them we are proud to donate a percent of every 20oz Purrfect Tumbler to help raise funds to support service dogs and therapy animals for wounded warriors.

Purrfect Coffee is a roast to order coffee since we believe coffee has better flavor when consumed within the first four weeks after roasting. We roast and ship every business day to ensure our coffee has exceptional flavor. Coffee is our passion and you'll taste it in every roast, we make sure its Pawsitively Purrfect.

Changing The World One Cup Of Coffee At A Time