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Live Long and Pawspurr Coffee - Galactic Blend | Purrfect Coffee's Star Trek Tribute

Live Long and Pawspurr Coffee - Galactic Blend | Purrfect Coffee's Star Trek Tribute

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Origin: Costa Rica, Guatemala & Nicaragua
Region: Tarrazu, Acatenango & Jinotega
Variety: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Catuai & Catimore
Processing: Wet processing / Fully washed
Roast: Medium


Embark on an interstellar journey with each cup of Purrfect Coffee's Live Long and Pawspurr blend. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of Star Trek, this coffee is a tribute to explorers and dreamers who reach for the stars. It's more than a beverage; it's a celebration of adventure, discovery, and the enduring spirit of exploration.

Live Long and Pawspurr is a cosmic blend of premium beans from across the galaxy. Expertly roasted to achieve a flavor as vast and intriguing as the universe itself, this coffee features bold, deep notes contrasted by bright, sparkling highlights - a taste profile that's both familiar and thrillingly new. It's a medium roast that embodies the balance of logic and emotion, mirroring the harmonious interplay of science and humanity.

Perfect for starting your day or fueling your late-night quests, Live Long and Pawspurr is not just a choice for coffee lovers; it's a choice for those who believe in the power of hope, adventure, and the infinite possibilities of the cosmos. Live Long and Pawspurr Coffee - where every sip is a leap into the unknown.

*Quality Coffee Is best when it is freshly roasted and prepared to Purrfection, this takes a little bit of extra time, but we know you will taste the Difference in each cup. Please allow 3 business days for your order to ship.*
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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Mike Johnson
Smooth Blend

Decent blend, quite smooth.

Dylan Patel
Great Start

Great morning coffee.

Ava Brown
A Cut Above the Rest

In a world full of generic coffee blends, 'Live Long and Pawspurr' is a cut above the rest. Its distinct flavor profile makes it a standout choice for discerning coffee drinkers. It's the blend I recommend to all my friends, and they've all been converted.

Ellie Wong
Highly Recommend

Very enjoyable, recommend

Laura Brooks
Quality Choice

Quality coffee, worth a try